What is The Cookie Jar?

A newsletter by Rachel Wolfe about living life as art. In another life, I used to write an advice column called The Art of Advice for ChicagoNow. I stopped because no one really needs advice, but rather something satisfying to chew on. So here we on, getting a little cookie, or cooky. The endless Cookie Jar cooks up fresh inspiration. Don’t wait until things are a day old, go ahead and:

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Cookies are like taste, everyone’s is different. Whatever your taste or social media diet, you can surely find heartfelt nourishment here. Everyone can try a bite, so there’s free cookies. Yet since groceries and everything else is not-free, there’s a pay-button. Thank you for valuing my work as I also value you! You may gain full access to the The Cookie Jar website here or by this big nifty button:

That’s me thinking about what to write next…and the sunset...

The Small Print

The Cookie Jar is healthy for social media detoxes. The Cookie Jar is friendly to dietary sensitivities. Subscribers receive fresh deliveries to welcoming inboxes. The Cookie Jar is shareable and giftable! Keep on giving, what goes comes around.

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Now I shall go take a hike. That’s where most of these cookies are made.

Photo: Rachel Wolfe, Kjerringøy, Norway