May 17 • 3M

Reality and Faux Flowers

addressing each other with non-violence

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The other day I was washing the plants, both the ones growing in soil, and then the plastic stemmed ones. In my head, I always called them fake flowers. That was acceptable. Or so I thought until I witnessed the world go in uproar over the flippant use of the words: real and fake. Moreover, the maelstrom of rhetoric created so much un-ease or dis-ease, the ability to access wholeness felt more difficult. So some drifted off, tuned-out, or shut-down. These are our choices many thought.

There are so many ways through though…

Fake flowers and real flowers. That day, it occurred to me how vague the word fake was. The faux flowers were actually made of silk or acyclic. And while the blossoms could only smell of dust, soap, or whatever perfume or oil sprayed with, would appear similar to the “real” flowers.

I began to see how volatile my spirit and emotional body has become to the use of the words fake or real. And I often wonder, what is it that people really mean to achieve by using them. If someone is aiming to validate or invalidate through the use of words, I can feel that in my body; do you?

This week’s cookie is perhaps a little half-baked, but I feel this time of blossoming is important to open-up, and unlearn to relearn that everyone’s reality is real and if there is an aspect that is unpleasant, sometimes it cannot always be changed right away. Yet when the reality as experienced is accepted, the space for choice arises. In those spaces, the choice that aligns with personal values and principles, that has time for reflection and respect for difference. ← Acceptable differences seems to be the key in the real and fake dilemma here.

Phenomena of life is. We can see how things are with our senses. The key maybe in allowing ourselves to say our truth, in a way that acknowledges difference. The work probably won’t be revolutionary but maybe done quietly yesterday, a little here and there. Such as tending the silk flowers, or watering those which will live and pass back to the earth.

As for those who seek more…it’s also here. There are many zones and densities of awareness your subtle body is waiting for your attunement to. And if it sounds esoteric, perhaps the only reason I can see as to why, is that I cannot ever tell you what reality totally is, because you are a divining agent in your vessel now. I cannot teach anything. Simply pass this message along and wish you grace.