Jun 29 • 4M

Trivial Words

can also have edge

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A break from bad news for bites of other pleasures.
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Winter Pacific Ocean, 35mm film, 2017, Rachel Wolfe

Lately, I find increasing value in taking the charge off words by examining forms and patterns. Yet words also have forms and patterns. Therefore how can words be used to find out what is true or fabrication, and where do those overlap, as they’re not necessarily opposites.

How anything gets used in life, tends to inform the results. When words are used as catapults or to wilfully inflict dominance hierarchies or misunderstandings, communication is lost even in the presence of the signs of such. People move apart instead of relating and serving each other’s highest good. Saying words are trivial does not mean they are meaningless or actually trivial.

The following essay was created to open up space around any negatively charged words or biases and create levity, using words for play. Thanks to the excellent guidance of mentors, Annetta Kapon and Benjamin Weissman, for supporting me to develop the courage to write how I see and sense, and therefore find space around how I think. An instrumental practice as a delightful ancillary action to meditation.

Santa Monica Boardwalk, 35mm film, 2017, Rachel Wolfe
Happy Birthday, Culver City, 120 film, 2014, Rachel Wolfe