Reality and Faux FlowersListen now (3 min) | addressing each other with non-violence
Unfriendly UtopiasListen now | making sense of invisible realities
Art and Photojournalism: Discerning DifferencesListen now (12 min) | The Divide of Meaning in Images During the Age of Technology
Finding the wayListen now (26 min) | when too much light erases what's there
for beauty and harmony
Density zonesListen now (6 min) | as temporal forests
Trust and the internetListen now (11 min) | building lies that are never really true
The sun is a painterListen now (7 min) | and I have the happy tears to prove it
The splendor of walkingListen now (7 min) | Being, the act of doing nothing, is horrifying. Thankfully there is walking. Walking is a splendid act of faith. The bare practice…
A sense of controlListen now (11 min) | and decades of long pauses
notes on hotel pads
Twilight sheetsListen now (3 min) | picturing scent and memory